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My name is Les Maness (yes, it rhymes) and I have served as a writer, photographer, corporate trainer, project coordinator, and consultant to entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and billion dollar Direct Sales companies. I specialize in marketing communications, branding, promotion, recognition and retention. And I would love to help you become even more successful. For more information about we might be able to work together, I invite you to read the IMPACT section below.


I would rather innovate than evaporate. I’d rather have cutting edge technology work for me rather than against me. I like leveraging virtually free internet resources to promote a concept, product, service or personality worldwide. I love attracting raving fans by combining smart ideas with even smarter technology. And I understand why and how social marketing is revolutionizing everything. If you would rather innovate than evaporate, and seize an unprecedented opportunity that is literally at your fingertips…we should talk.

Marketer: I’m a marketing communications consultant who believes there is no greater form of advertising than word of mouth…regardless of how it is delivered. I like considering the “unintended consequences” long before they become “unforeseen circumstances”. I understand that it’s better to have mixed media than mixed messages. And I still think that people really don’t care how much you know until they know how much you really care. If you share these before, during and after market values…let’s go to market together.

Photographer: I like creating photographs that help tell a great story. Whether I’m serving as an art director, shooting an exclusive event, or illustrating a magazine I’ve created, I love bringing those images to life. As a result, I have winning photos of world class athletes and feature shots of people at their proudest moments in life. And all because someone believed I really understood the big picture. If you are looking for the picture perfect answer to your photographic questions, let me hit you with my best shots.

Author: I often joke is that I write for anyone who’s writing me a check. And thanks to the generosity of some great check writers, I have interviewed some of the world’s most incredible people and have authored content for some of the most successful entrepreneurs, publications and businesses in history. Yet because I love to play with the words in my head, there’s almost always room for one more name to add to the list…Yours. If you and I decide I might be the write fit, then let’s both get to writing.

Character: I was taught to love my neighbor as myself and that everyone was my neighbor. I was naive enough to make mistakes and smart enough to learn from them. I was taught that if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ll miss out on the really funny stuff. I was shown that every conversation is an opportunity to bless someone who may really need it. And the true measure of wealth is in the richness of your relationships. If you can relate with those character traits, let’s build some character together.

TrainerI’m the kind of corporate trainer that gets results because I learned the secret long ago. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a college classroom or executive boardroom…people who are trained correctly will succeed. And it’s not so much what I do, it’s what I don’t do. Simply put – many trainers would rather hear their own voice than see others get results. Whereas, I would rather see results than anything. If you think talk is cheap if you can’t see results, we should talk…then train.