My approach to Marketing Communications Consulting is pretty simple. 

If you need something I feel I can knock out of the park for you, I’ll be happy to let you know. And if you require something that’s totally out of my wheelhouse, I’ll tell you that I’m not your guy and I’ll try to help you find someone that is. Because in the end, you deserve to have the best possible resource for your  project – even if that isn’t me. Make sense? If so, here are a few things I can make an IMPACT on.

Images: Advertorial, editorial, events, fitness, lifestyle, magazine, modeling, portraiture.

Media: Advertising, branding, social media, start up business media.

Promotion: Press releases, public relations, sales promotions.

Authoring: Blogs, editorial, elevator speeches, health, lifestyle features, marketing communications, success stories, magazine content, marketing brochures, network marketing materials, newsletters, sales training, third party literature, websites.

Consulting: Creating recognition and retention programs, identifying challenges, integrating solutions, website evaluations.

Training: Business communication, interpersonal communication, leadership mentoring, power listening, public speaking, sales, professional skill development.