Most testimonial sections are so boring they should be called “testy-moan-y’alls”.

It’s “So and So is great…blah, blah, blah…” or “I highly recommend Mr./Ms. So and So because he/she…” So in the effort to keep you awake – and reading- I’m going to do something different. Here’s how it works. Some of these testimonials are for real. Some are made up. And you get to guess which ones are which. If you guess all of them correctly, your prize is that you get to do business with me. If you don’t get any of them right, your prize is that you get to do business with me. Yeah, I know. It’s a trick. Either way you get to do business with me. But hey, at least you get to have fun while you vet someone, so that can’t be all bad, right?

Oh yeah, one more thing. If you actually want to get in on the fun, you can send me your testimonials – real or imagined – via facebook: Les Maness or Email, and if they aren’t illegal, immoral or fattening, I might just add them to the list.


einstein“They call me a genius? Ha! This guy is the real genius!”

— Albert Einstein




Polcyn Roadmap To Success Page 1

“Les Maness may be one of the best kept secrets in the industry as a writer, photographer and magazine creator. And with amazing cover models like these, it’s no wonder.” 

— Glen and Becki Polcyn, Vemma Elite Leaders




“In additiDSC_0106-001on to utilizing Les Maness’s skills for many years as a writer, photographer and marketing communications consultant, I featured him as a guest on my radio program. And yes, he has a face that was made for radio.”

— Garvin DeShazer, Sheffield Resource Network



ABe“I honestly can’t think of anyone I’d rather work with. Honestly.”

— Abraham Lincoln





fbprofile“Les is a very talented and creative individual, with a very unique style. I have worked with him on many different types of projects and he is an absolute joy to work with.”

— Steve Hilburn, Imagineer Media Group




Ben F“I was looking for electricity and he told me to go fly a kite. I was shocked. Literally shocked.”

— Benjamin Franklin




“We love working with Les Maness because he likes to give everyone the VIP treatment too.” 

— Mai Yahn, Executive Vice President, VIP Mortgage Inc.



Thomas Edison“The minute that Les started telling me his creative  thoughts, the light bulb went on.”

— Thomas Edison




Les has been a writer, photographer, marketing communications consultant and a  trainer for me for years. I love everything about working with him – except when he makes me do lunges. Then I want to strangle him. Just saying.”

— Jodi Low, President and Founder of  U & Improved




Christopher C“I am so glad I discovered him too.”

— Christopher Columbus




Napoleon“Unlike me, he never comes up short.”

— Napoleon




Vincent V

“I always keep my ear open to his ideas.”

— Vincent van Gogh



michelangelo“Les advised me not to paint the Sistine Chapel. He was right.  Too much overhead.”






William_Shakespeare_1609“This guy is a great writer. You can quote me on that.”

— William Shakespeare




Darwin_restored2 (1)

“I like the way his ideas evolve. No monkey business there.”

— Charles Darwin 




isaac-newton“He understands the gravity…of deadlines. And I love how he nicknamed me ‘Fig”.”

— Isaac Newton




“Halexander_the_greate weeps when he has no more words to conquer.”

— Alexander the Great



Francis_Bacon,_Viscount_St_Alban_from_NPG_(2)“He talked me into branding a deliciously crispy food group. You’re welcome.”

—Francis Bacon




Samson“He told me not to cut my hair. Should have listened. But hey, after it grew back I brought the house down.”

— Samson




“I’d love to write with him, but unfortunately never the Twain shall meet.”

— Mark Twain




Victor-Hugo“Les is such a positive guy, I’m scratching my head to come up with a way to change my book title from ‘Les Miserables’ to ‘Les Happyables’.”

— Victor Hugo



Charles Dickens“He can write like the Dickens. And yes, when you can rock a hairdo like this, you too can refer to yourself in the third person.”

— Charles Dickens 





Edgar Allen Poe“I went looking for better marketing, but now I’m a ravin’ fan who has to search ‘nevermore’.”

— Edgar Allan Poe




George Washington“This guy is gooood. And you know, I can not tell a lie.”

— George Washington.


Nero“He doesn’t fiddle around. I really need to work on that.”

— Nero



Santa-Claus-7“He believes in me and I believe in him.”

— Santa Claus



Ichabod_crane“The thing I admire most about him is that he never loses his head.”

— Ichabod Crane




thor “When it came to my project, it was like, ‘Stop.  Hammer time. Can’t touch this.’ ‘”

— Thor




Julius Ceasar“He’s very loyal and won’t stab you in the back like…uh…some friends will.”

— Julius Caesar





20140131_121042_3_bestshot-001Les has been instrumental in helping me create my website. He’s shot photos, inspired ideas, coached me on copy and helped me with branding. So now when I tell him to go take a hike, I actually mean it in a nice way.

— John Taylor,



Viv & Nor

“There were times when he was a teenager that we had our doubts, but now we’re glad we let him live.”

— His older, wiser sisters, Vivian and Norene.